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The Comprehensive Guide of Taxi in Shanghai---Make Your Trip More Convenient

According to the newest statistics,there are more than 50,000 taxis in Shanghai.They are operated by lots of companies and are in different colors: cabs of Dazhong Company are identified by the color of sky blue; Qiangsheng by orange and green; Jinjiang by white and Haibo by dark blue. Lanse Lianmeng and Falanhong Taxi Companies are also reputable and they are respectively in red and blue.They make our trip more reliable and convenient.


If you are arriving late from the airport and take the Maglev (for RMB 40 with discount by showing ticket) into town, there might not be taxi dispatchers at the Longyang Road station. At all times, the taxi drivers will be waiting on the upper platform to ask if you want a taxi. Never accept an offer on the platform. Take the escalator to the street to select your taxi from the dispatcher. If your driver does not want to use the meter use the word "Police" and either they use the meter or tell you that they dont know where the hotel is and will let you go. There will be always enough "good" drivers, even at night. Don't be afraid that you might not get a taxi to your hotel. Just make sure that you have the address of your hotel in Chinese printed out and its telephone number (in case the driver needs attention) before leaving home.


By and large, do not be afraid of taxis in Shanghai. The vast majority are honest and good drivers. Other than during Monday through Friday downtown, taxis might be the fastest way to go.


Wish you have a nice trip in Shanghai!