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Shopping in Shanghai

Shanghai is China's number one shopping destination. Famed for its name-brand boutiques, Shanghai has something for everyone. Shanghai has some of the best department stores in China. Local supermarkets are in almost every residential area and often stock many Western food items.Shopping in Shanghai is different from shopping in Hong Kong or New York, since not only famous brand name fashions are available, but also many local products that cannot be found anywhere else.Now I will give you shanghai shopping guide.


The famous Nanjing Road, known as China's number one shopping street offers a seemingly endless variety of modern fashions, electronics and accessories.Equally as famous, Huaihai Road is celebrated for its elegance. Featuring name-brand designer boutiques, it is a shopper's paradise for lovers of modern fashion.North Sichuan Road offers a huge variety of good inexpensive merchandise, and the Middle Tibet Road is the place to buy local snacks, arts and crafts.


There are many other shopping streets in Shanghai available. For small souvenirs and inexpensive clothing, the Hong Kong Famous Shops Street and the Dimei Shopping Center are the perfect place. In these locations, bartering is expected, and the price given is usually twice as much as will be expected by the shop owners.