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The Best Laundries in Shanghai

With the rapid development of the social economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people demand more shanghai laundry service; as a result, the washing industry has developed quickly, especially in the most developed city of China, Shanghai. Here we will introduce six washing brands, which are very popular in Shanghai. The Shanghai-USA GEP Dry Cleaning Chain With the headquarters located in Newark Barkis Dell Center, Delaware, the USA GEP International Group Ltd. authorized Shanghai GEP Dyeing Co. Ltd to establish the Chinese head office of USA GEP dry cleaning chain in September, 2002. Founded on November 28, 2001, the Shanghai GEP Dyeing Co. Ltd is a new modern dyeing company aimed at leading the Chinese dry cleaning industry to develop synchronously at a worldwide level. In July 2002, it became a member of Shanghai Washing and Dyeing Industry Association. The USA GEP dry cleaning chain was also the specified service provider of Shanghai World. The following stores are those always seen in Shanghai.



Fornet now has more than 300 chain stores since it entered into China in 1997 with the Washing Research Centers in Beijing and Shanghai, which specialize in studying the washing ways of different fabrics and the maintenance care needed for all kinds of clothes. All the laundry additives used here are introduced from the professional laundry additives research centers in Germany and Britain. It provides the safest and the most scientific care to clothes on the basis of gently removing all kinds of stains. This company offers high quality cleaning to various kinds of furs, darns, every cloth and it cleans commodities such as carpets, curtains and large toys. These services have been proven in the shops that have followed since.


UK Banash Fast Dry Cleaning

UK Banash Fast Dry Cleaning, which specializes in developing professional cleaning equipment, supplies and washing brands, is a famous worldwide laundry chain enterprise. Its operation mode of ‘fast dry cleaning (1-2 hours dressing)’, which represents the most advanced washing concept in the world, is warmly welcomed by Europeans who always pay much attention to time efficiency and quality of life. Now let us see what we can find out.


Witters Laundry Shop in Qingpu

This is an extremely large laundry providing full functions such as dry cleaning, washing, ironing, clothing care, and leather maintenance, among other services. It has a total area of 300 square meters and covers the largest section in Qingpu, Shanghai. As one of the few flagship stores of Witters in Shanghai, it uses the fully enclosed and completely automatic equipment imported from Italy.